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My Wife and I were looking for a bigger place, we were having trouble because our credit was challenging.

Phil worked with us and we worked with a few lenders and managed to find the right people. He was very helpful through the entire process. Now we have a nice house on a quiet street with the school just over our back fence, which will be nice as our children grow. I would highly recommend Mr. Fehler.

Michael B from Fayetteville NC

My fiancé and I are first time home buyers.

We inquired with Phillip through Instantly, Phillip was there to help. He not only has a quick response time but he educated us. Every home we went to, Phillip provided us with what he called a ‘cheat sheet’ stating a description and facts about the home. We appreciated that Phillip was not trying to sell us any home. He is truly a help. Especially being first time home buyers with nerves and doubts. I wouldn’t choose any other realtor to help me find my first home. Thank you Phillip for your time and concern. (From


Our family is growing from 3 to 4 and we needed a larger house.

Phillip helped us find a great house that is central to the city, close to schools, shopping as well in a quiet area, it will be perfect for our family and raising our kids. Phillip negotiated the price down and we got it within our budget. Thanks!

Jasmine B

I was being stationed here and had to move in from out of the area.

Mr. Fehler helped our family in locating a great house that is not to far away from the Yadkin Rd. gate. He really helped us during the move and learning about the Fayetteville area. The house had room enough for the family and is in a good area. I will be using him when we move again.

Cedric E from Fayetteville NC

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